One day as a truck driver. Day Three

The first thing you notice when entering a new state is its emblems: Oregon is the state of Roses, Idaho is an agricultural state, etc.
We have just left Salt Lake City, heading out to Texas. New Mexico is currently in my window, taking over Colorado sights. Slowly but surely we are getting to the midpoint of our trip.
Travelling across the states is a delight. There is no end to ever changing sceneries, adding up new strokes to my amused state of self. Only whilst travelling, can one see all of the colors of the Earth. God has truly created a beautiful planet!
Salt Lake City has won a place in my heart for its architecture. Never before have I seen the houses placed right on the edge of mountains! The head office of Adobe Photoshop is also a convenient resident of SLC.
As I have mentioned earlier, the recreation areas for truckers are so well thought, the driver can not only take some good rest, but indulge in great food while taking a break from the road. The parking lot has reminded me of a playground: all the big cars are waiting for the big boys to play with them. They say pets resemble their owners. I can surely apply this to the trucks and their drivers: big ones with angry faces, little ones with kind characters, and the oldest, sharing their experience withe the youth whilst on break from driving. According to the contract, the driver has to be on the road for 10 hours which evens to 11 hours of rest. Some drivers skip the recreation areas trying to make it home faster. Which means boiling the water for tea right in the car, trying to drink it while driving and eating at the same time. Well... same as any other job in the rush hour.


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