One day as a Truck Driver. Texas, Dallas

On my way home I am trying to puzzle all my Dallas pieces together. Texas has left me absolutely awed. Indeed I have expected lot more. All the adventures I have anticipated were drastically different from the daily routine of this state. All the movies about Texas have created some sort of anxiety; I was anxious to finally enter the town of my dreams. But the aftertaste is quite bitter. The desert nature of this state with just a little dash of greens to it would probably be the only thing that proved itself real. Trees are to be counted within a hundred in this state. And the cowboys... Nah, you won't meet one in the streets of Dallas. It seemed to me that cowboys are to be met in museums rather then in a bar of reality. We literally had to drive to some special place to meet them. 
Being one of the richest states in USA, its natives are quite moderate in demonstrating their wealth. New York is a young flamboyant dreamer, all dressed up in brands with zero dollars in a bank account; but Texas! Texas is the billionaire, wearing $5 shirts. Dallas residents are quiet, leading a routine lifestyle. There is no need for them to show off, it is a fact of its own. 
The trains never run underground with each ticket's worth 2 hours of travelling. All the tickets are to be checked withing a train.
Downtown Dallas is a desert itself. Only thing I have managed to photograph were 2 buildings, hotels to be exact. Parks? Few trees along with a beautiful fountain is a park of its own. Not trying to diminish though how clean is this city! Dallas has reminded me of Europe more than America.
Huge thanks to my friends for showing me around!


Truck trip