One day as a Truck Driver. Day Four

Being on the road for a long time has its obvious drawbacks. Lack of homemade food, bath, ability to put your cup of hot tea on the actual table that is not shaking from driving. But wait, we have to stay positive right? Purchase 50 gallons of gas and please enjoy your free shower as a bonus! May I add, showers are very clean and neat, new towel is always provided as well as all the other necessities like shower gel or laundry. 15 minutes and refreshed, we are back on the road.
I just cannot stop but admire these people. Handling those rough turns while there are 10 cars behind your back in the truck, with all these little buttons in front of you! How much of experience one has to have to literally feel the car, when something is wrong with it, when you need to add oil to it, still watching the road and lights. 
Do you enjoy sunrises? I love watching the stars disappear in the sky as the sun is rising, while the moon is coming up on the other side of the world. So much miracle to it! How the night is a canvas for the stars to shine bright while the sun is covering up the beauty of it with its light. Same thing is with those around you. Some people are not so easy to read, sometimes true beauty requires another type of light. 
We have finally made it to Dallas. Cannot wait to see what it has in store for me !


Truck trip