One Day as a Truck Driver. Day Two

I have always been thinking that jobs requiring hours of sitting to be a bridge to obesity. The idea is not quite true though. It is more of a personal choice kind of question. To fat or not to fat if you want. Laziness is always the key to overweight situation. You can always pull the truck over for a few minutes, do some push ups, pull ups, core exercises. No time will pass for you to feel energized again, and the infamous after-workout-happy-self feeling will settle in. 
We have just passed Idaho, a state of agriculture. Have you ever known the clay is used here to grow potatoes? Unusual alternative to regular black earth, isn't it? Well, it appears to be more fruitful as I found out!
Passing by the pasture lands has reminded me of vegetarianism . Years have passed since I turned into one and couldn't be happier. Till this very day, the idea of consuming meat or fish to satisfy personal caprices bewilders me. Our world is so rich in vitamins, nutrients and protein, a supposititious lack of which everyone keeps bragging about.
Being on the road is a therapy in a way. It always brings you back to long meditations, keeping your thoughts in order. But It never a bad thing to have someone by your side on a trip of such. Balance is the key to stay sane while counting the miles in solitude.


Truck trip