One Day as a Truck Driver. Day One


(Oregon ->> Texas ->>Oregon)

 I have always been intrigued by the idea of becoming a truck driver for a day.
I was interested in absolutely everything starting from eating habits on the road along with occasional shower stops to the solitary miles running on for days.
Long story short, a friend of mine has agreed on keeping up with me for the next 10 days on our route to Texas and then back to Oregon. The next stop is in 683.51 miles which means there is no step back for me, lets goooo!


Even though on the passenger seat, I did try my best to play the 'I am a truck driver' part which suggest no sleep whilst driving. For the first 5 minutes the idea was a success. Reality is: I fell asleep within the first hour as we took off.
To tell you the truth: nighttime driving is such a lullaby, especially for a newcomer. You won't even notice your eyes closing as mile after mile is singing its song. For its such a bliss to sleep on the road! Miles are measuring your time while deserts are growing forests in its place.
The recreation areas for truckers got me blown away, they have absolutely everything one can imagine: restaurants, showers, free coffee, etc.
Cannot wait for the next turn!


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