We all have different stories; life has many turns to offer, some of them we take on willingly, others are less fortunate. Every morning, as we close the door behind ourselves, we take on a new adventure. Good or bad - the day will show. 
Mile after mile, car after car the road gets you feeling lonely, gets you dreaming about your home, your family. No doubt any adventure is a pleasurable experience when shared with your other half. But when alone - the road tends to be overbearing with lonely moments, fast food takes over homemade as with miles passing, desert grows forests in its place.I think the best age to go on the road is your 50s with children all grown up and colleges behind their back. That's when you can fully enjoy the freedom of the air.
I would like to thank Andrew for letting me experience this trip with him; for your constant support and for making this trip full of numerous amazing places to see!
I would love all the truck drivers to have plenty of patience, respect for the road and one another !I would also like to thank Alena for constantly correcting and adding up to my writing, as well as translating it into English!
I would appreciate your honest opinion and comments, my friends! I hope you enjoyed this trip as much as I did !The full story about my road trip and all the photos you can find on my website:


Truck trip