33 / 33

I have been waiting for you to help me! Day after day I spent my life daydreaming about our happy tomorrow, imagining you being a part of my life. I knew when you come, you will share your world with me, and it will be just as I have pictured it in my mind, when i was but a little boy. I was waiting for you to come, so that we start living. I knew life was about to begin. I have spent so many days waiting for you by my door. For some reason, I was thinking you will knock on my door one day, and by opening it up to you, we will enter life together. Stupid boy. I spent my years by the fireplace, trying to see your face in a glass of wine. When I turned 28, still without you, I made a decision to go travel around the world hoping the roads will take me to you. On my 30th birthday I was so angry with you. I hated you. I spent the New Year’s Eve in the desert, covering up with the sand and sun. I was a beggar, I was so poor. You wasn’t there, and I spent years waiting for you! I hated you so much! So I decided to forget you, to start living without you, for myself. I was sick and tired of waiting and waiting, the thought of spending more years tramping around was killing me, so I started a job in a local wine house. I was good with it by now. When I was 33, I bought a beautiful house and started a garden. Thirty three though… No, no! Please don't think I was still waiting for you! I wasn't at all! The vineyard was growing so fast, I barely had time to look after it. But 33… One day I saw your son trying to get some fruits in the garden. I helped him out and we went to find you. I saw you enjoying the view over the vineyard. You were so beautiful, so mine. 33… They say it’s the happiest time for a man, Christ age. I have deserved you when 33. I have learnt not to wait, but to work for the things I need. I stopped blaming the world for not giving me what I want. I have learnt to live for myself. I worked and worked hard. I have deserved you. This is what I want our son to learn. I will teach him how to be independent. I will show him how important it is to rely on yourself only and work hard. Hopefully, God will gift him love sooner. #onedaykeepsmiling