In the storm of confusion

You heard them talking about tomorrow, and bills, and credit cards, the rent is high, and it’s been plenty of lays off recently. You heard them making a fuss about politics, and then Jenna got laid finally. So much stuff and nonsense around. Closets are full of hell knows what, neighbours and their claptrap, friends tearing you apart to bars and museums. Gossips, rumors, talks and chit chats fill your life up with so much noise. Just like tsunami waves are burying down the town, you are soaked through with nuisance of it all. Can you still hear yourself through the storm of all confusion? How easy can it be at times of dust to take the wrong turn, but how hard you will have to fight your way back home! But this time! This time you are back on track by choice. Carefully, step at a time, you choose a road to go by, not to follow. You choose YOUR path, you CHOOSE your life. No wave is strong enough to wash away concrete determination of living your life. Chosen means yours. Find time to spend along with yourself. Learn how to hear the voice within. Do that every day. It will protect your heart and show you the way. You won’t wish bad for yourself, will you? #onedaykeepsmiling