Life in 24 hours

I have always been fascinated by ephemera butterflies. An unusual story of life in 24 hours. Just one day to take the first breath, one day to experience the world, one day to fall in love and same day to die. You see them happily hopping from flower to flower, bringing on smiles on your face at the beauty of their looks. So free, so full of life they are. Why aren’t they sad though? Why aren’t they worried at the so little time they have? Why aren’t they spend the day troubled with the death coming? Why aren’t they get all angry and depressed with life? Why aren’t they on pills yet? Or at least beered up in a local bar? It’s funny, isn’t it? It would be so, if only we couldn't stop but recognizing ourselves here. As much as these butterflies, we also don’t have tomorrows. No one knows how long we are here for. TODAY your life is happening to you! So go live it and stop spending time on fear, worrying about something that may happen! Live it to the fullest today, let yourself taste the happiness and share it with the world. Be hungry to the air you breath in, hungry to love. Rest yourself on the shore of his arms and just feel. Let yourself be alive today. At the end of the day that's why you are here for. And then you may get one more day, if God considers you worth it. #onedaykeepsmiling